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Loved this story! It didn't give away to much, yet gave enough to keep me watching till the end. Really good stuff!

Thought it was pretty good. The voice acting could been a little better here and there but otherwise enjoyed it.

The pink ball looks practically real! Hey, I love the idea and it was interesting to watch, but i give it a 3.5 only because it isn't something I'd likely watch more than once. You may already know this but the part when the character pole vaults, the landing was "too smooth" causing it too look unnatural. Other than that, nice job!

rockondnet responds:

Hi Postacmusic

Thanks for the kind words. There are a few things I would do differently now. If i gave it more time i'm sure it would have had more weight in it. Thanks for the comment.

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Awesome game! Love the character design, level designs, the music is awesome, and the animations in between levels are very well done! Game play is simple enough and the power ups really make the game fun. I mean who doesn't like blowing stuff up? Only things that bothered me a tad was up (or space) not being jump and the action buttons not working for me on full screen. Nothing "game" changing though. Keep it up!

PestoForce responds:

Thanks for the great review!

This has to be one of the best games I've played so far. Why? Because of the awesome scribble art, the various challenges in this game that never stop keeping you on your toes, and just down right fun. That first monster freaked me out a little though lol. Great job, this is definitely a home run game!

Super awesome and addictive game! Love the art, color pallet, music, difficulty, and abilities (especially the choice of which ability you want for the level). Only thing I don't like is having only one life for five levels. It's a bit annoying but It makes it a little more challenging. Great job mate!

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Really great work!

Love this description behind this piece and your style over all.

Nice job! this would go great with my track "Who Me". yes it's a lil creepy but that's what you're going for XD! oh and i'm not sure if anyone pointed this out yet, but I absolutely love how Fin is in the background like "jaaake. you in here buddy?". <--- totally hearing this in Fins voice art ya haha! Awesome work!

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